Sunday, September 11, 2011

Clean House Challenge #2- Office/Craft room

Hi Partners!

This swap was just the opportunity I needed to get my craft room at least partially cleaned up.  I helped host a scrapbooking shower for a friend a few weeks ago, and I ended up pulling out all of my supplies, packing them up, and lugging them to the shower.  Then when I got home I just dumped them in the middle of the craft room floor, and there they stayed.  I have some sewing projects I needed to get done this week, so my main goal was to get the floor cleared off, my sewing table straightened up, and my craft shelves organized.  I'm going to need a little longer to get the whole thing cleaned up though. See what I mean???

This is the view of my craftroom (and guest bedroom) from the door.  It's never been quite this bad before!  And here's the after shot:

So much better! There are still a few little piles of things to put away:

Some boxes that need to get stored in a closet somewhere,
I'll probably use them for mailing Christmas presents.  
My scrapbook paper is stacked up here too.

This is a small pile of various little things that don't have  place yet. 
Plus a drawer for a storage cabinet that I'm working on fixing up 
- it will make a great addition to my craft room when it's done!

My wedding scrapbook project.  
Let's pretend that it hasn't been over 2 years since I got married!

This may as well be the before and the after picture of the bed. I didn't really do anything with this.  It's mostly a bunch of fabric scraps that I got off of freecycle.

Here is the before and after  of my craft desk. I know it doesn't really look that different, but I promise it is!!



I realize now I don't have a before picture of my craft shelves, but here's the after:

Here are the before and after photos of my sewing table.  This was a big improvement!  I've already gotten some sewing done!


And here's another angle of the horrible floor!


My main strategy for cleaning up a mess like this is just putting everything in a big pile in the middle of the room and sorting it out, and then put it back away.  Lucky for me, I was already well on my way to having everything out in the middle of the room - haha!

I had a little bit of a tough time getting this project done because my cat Sarah really likes to "help".  And of course by that I mean, get into everything and sit in every box she can find.

Eventually I found a piece of cardboard she could play with and threw it out into her cat room.  It kept her pretty well entertained!

I really enjoyed doing this swap.  Sometimes I need that extra motivation to get projects like this done!  Keep the clean up swaps coming!!

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