Monday, September 12, 2011

A Picture An Hour Swap

Hi Partners,

Here are my pictures for the Picture an Hour swap.  I took them on my Iphone with Instagram.  These were taken Friday, September 2nd.

6:45 - I'm in bed.  My husband had to get up and go to work, but I had the day off - hooray!  I can go back to sleep!

7:05 - Actually I couldn't fall back asleep... So I laid around in bed for a while and played on my phone.

8:05 - By 8:00 I was ready to get up, so I decided to go to my craft room and work on some ATCs for a few swaps.

9:00 - At 9, I had finished quite a bit of work on the cards.  I still had some work to do, but I wanted to go out and run some fun errands before my husband got home around noon, so I decided to stop there.

10:00 - At 10 I was at Hobby Lobby!  Yay!  I had already been to Michaels before that, and I went to Joann after, but I forgot to take a picture at both places...  At least I remembered Hobby Lobby!

11:30 - At 11:30 I was back home again with all my goodies! I got paper, note cards, beads, fabric, punches, and a ton of foam stickers and those silly little shaped rubber bands for my niece.  They were on super duper clearance, so I decided if I can be the best aunt in the world for 30 cents, why not?

12:00 - At noon I was playing with my cat.  Hi Sarah!

12:30 - And at 12:30 I was still goofing around with the cat.  She was very excited in this picture because she could hear Daddy opening the garage door!

12:45 - At 12:45 my husband was home from work, so we decided to go run a few errands and go to lunch.

1:10 - First we dropped off some stuff at goodwill that had been sitting in our kitchen taking up space for WEEKS!  I'm so glad we got that stuff outta there!

1:30 - At 1:30 we had lunch at Newk's.  It's new in town and I'd never been there before, but it was REALLY good!  I had a delicious chicken salad sandwich - yum!

3:00 - Then I forgot to take a picture in the 2 o'clock hour...  We were at Marshall's, and then we went to Ross, seen here.

4:15 - Home again by 4:15 - look at all the exciting stamping/crafting stuff I found at Marshall's!

4:45 - I'd gotten some frames at Marshall's and Ross so I went about framing my photos of my little nieces - cutie pies!!

5:00 - At 5:00 I was lying on the couch playing pocket frogs on my iPhone - thrilling!!

6:45 - and as often happens when I'm lying on the couch, I fell asleep...  I woke up really hungry, so I ate my chips leftover from lunch.

7:10 - Then we watched an episode of Iron Chef that my husband had recorded.  Hello Jeffry Steingarten!

8:10 - Then we went to get sushi for dinner.  I'd worked a lot of extra hours that week (which is why I didn't have to work on Friday), and just finished a HUGE project, so a sushi dinner was my reward!

8:15 - Here we are, waiting for our takeout order...

8:30 - And home with our delicious dinner!!

9:00 - And then we watched some Mad Men - hello Don Draper!

10:30 - Then, a miracle occurred.  Baylor beat TCU!!  My husband and I are both Baylor alums, and we both work there now, so this was VERY exciting!

Sarah was excited too.  In fact she was so excited she decided to eat my shoes.

11:30 - Then I was back in bed!  It was a very full and fun day!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures and hearing about my day!

Happy swapping and please remember to rate!


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