Saturday, September 3, 2011

Good Morning!

Hi partners!  Here is how I start my mornings :)

This may sound strange, but I really have no idea what time I get up in the mornings.  I mean, I kind of have a vague idea but I never look at the clock so I'm never really sure... 

If it is a weekday, I probably get up around 6 or 6:15, but the alarm clock is next to my husband, and I forget what time he has it set for. We work in at the same place, so we get up at the same time and go in together.  My hours are flexible, but he needs to be there at 7:00, which means I get there at 7:00 too (although I admit it's usually 7:15).  Anyways, I think the first alarm goes off at 5:45.  He usually hits the snooze at least once, and I start to sort of wake up.  Then he gets up and takes his shower, and when he's done he wakes me all the way up.  He's started doing this by picking up the cat and putting her on the bed, where she walks over and puts her face in my face.  I have to admit, it's kind of fun seeing something so cute first thing in the morning.  Then I usually lay around in bed for a few minutes while my husband goes to shave.  Then I get up and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, brush my hair, take a shower, etc... I have no particular order for these things, which is kind of weird!  Then after that I get dressed, pack our lunch, feed the cat, and we go to work.

On the weekend we don't set the alarm.  Yay!  Of course we have a little kitty cat "alarm" that is used to getting fed at 6:45, so she's meowing at the door by 7:15 or so.  One of us will get up and feed her and then usually get back in bed.  I usually sleep until around 8, but sometimes I sleep later.  Then I usually lounge around in bed for an hour or two.  I don't really have a schedule on weekends, so sometimes I end up in my PJs practically all day!  However, if I get up and start working on things right after I wake up on the weekends, I'm always amazed at how much I end up getting done!

So that's generally how I get my day started.  I guess it's pretty easy to see that I'm not a morning person!

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