Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photo Swap Series #2- Show Me Your Workspace

Hi Partners!  I snapped a few photos of my always thrilling (ha ha...) workspace this morning.  Let me tell you a little about them:

I work in the Baylor University Library. This is my desk.  It's supposed to be one of those fancy desks that's good for ergonomics (or something like that).  I still slouch though...  You can just see my Christmas pillow sticking out from underneath my sweater on the back of my chair.  It's almost going to be in season again!

Here's my computer and my cutie pie niece!  On my desk (with all the yellow post its) is the very last bit of a major project I've been working on for the last few months.  Yay!  Almost done!!

And here's the big pile of paperwork that has been neglected while I was working on said major project (and there's another even bigger pile that I didn't take a photo of...)

Here's the front of my desk.  I made myself a bunch of cute fabric flowers to look at, and I've got some of my wedding pictures, a candy dish, a shell from the beach, a care bear, and some little sea creatures.  You may notice the cocktail umbrella sticking out of my flowers.  My boss gives us a little umbrella every year at the beginning of spring break, since we don't actually get any days off.  I'm up to 3 umbrellas!

I have a half wall right behind my desk, but the only things on it that are actually mine are the 3 picture frames.  Everything else belongs to the guy who sits behind me (you can sort of see his desk in the middle of the photo). He has tons of toys and do-dads all over the place, including all over "my" half wall!  OK, so I guess it isn't really my wall, and I am never facing it anyways so I don't really mind what's on it.  And every once and a while a new toy shows up, so that's fun.  Plus, he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met though, so I don't mind sharing a wall :)

That's it for my workspace!  I hope you enjoyed my story!

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