Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Show Me Your Mailbox Swap

Hi Partners! Here's a look at my mailbox!

I don't have an actual mailbox, just a mail slot:

It's right next to my front door, and my mail drops in to the opening just inside the door (it's actually covered by the coats hanging from our coat rack most of the time...)

My letters don't always drop down to the inside, so I have to open the front door and check to make sure there aren't any letters stuck at the top of the slot.  This mail slot is actually really poorly designed.  When there is too much mail, or big mail the mailman leaves it hanging out of the slot, like today's mail.

Then, when I try to open the screen door it knocks the overhanging mail on the ground:

When it's really big mail, or stiff mail, I can't even get the door open far enough to get the mail out.  I either have to sort of sneak my fingers through and scootch the mail out onto the ground, or go out the side door and walk around to the front door to pull it out.  What a pain!!

Another problem I have checking the mail is our cat Sarah.  Whenever the door opens she runs to try and look out!

I try to feed her right before I check the mail so she is distracted, or I pick her up and check the mail one handed.  Good thing she is so darn cute and cuddly because she is sure annoying sometimes! :)

I don't really know what I'm supposed to do with my outgoing mail.  I suppose I could clip it to the mail slot, but that seems a little unsafe so I always just drop it off at the post office instead.  Our mailman usually comes around 3 PM, and he talks on his blue tooth cell phone the ENTIRE time he's walking his route.  I can't imagine who he could be talking to for all those hours every day, but I do know that I'd HATE to be a walking mailman in this Texas heat!

That's my mailbox for you!  I hope you enjoyed my story!  Happy swapping and please remember to rate me :)

Jenny (JBolech)

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